SCANMAN: This kindergarten lesson includes a puppet show that teaches stranger safety, the definition of unsafe touches, and the importance of telling about such incidents to trusted adults.

Duration: 30 minute show

“The kindergarten puppet show is age appropriate and easy to reference whenever we need to review. It covers this tough topic in a clear, simple, and memorable way. Also hearing the message from another source helps provide more connections for this topic.”
“Even though they get lessons in other areas, having the SCAN puppet show and having a different voice than the teacher is good for students. Having the messages repeated is very helpful for ALL Young children.”
“The way it is done is so appropriate and thorough. They LOVE the puppets!! This is so important and gets put off because we have so many things to do and I forget about this important lesson. With the program, they come, kids get excited, and learn a lesson they talk about all year.”