iSCAN: This 6th Grade lesson defines all forms of abuse and discusses consequences and solutions. It also presents information on social media safety including cyberbullying, digital reputations, and digital privacy.  This is especially important as predators are using technology as a way to reach potential victims.

Duration: 90-120 minutes over 1 or 2 sessions

“SCAN provides students valuable lessons in a meaningful professional manner that teachers or school counselors are not able to provide.”
“I feel that it really helps my students to understand what abuse is and its different forms. I am not trained in how to properly teach this and think that the SCAN program is essential for my students. Without it I worry that my kids will not full understand what child abuse is and that they will not report it if it is happening to them.”
“I feel that SCAN presents the information in a way that students listen to, understand, and in a more meaningful way. Students need to hear from someone other than the classroom teacher about what may be taking place and who to contact when they see abuse. Students need to know that they aren’t alone.”
“Students would not be knowledgeable of physical and sexual abuse and how to handle the situation should a peer come to them or if they were being abused by someone. This program is very important for students of all ages.”