SCAN Stories: This 2nd Grade lesson discusses topics related to child safety and abuse.  It consists of story time with award winning children’s books including I Can Play It SafeI Don’t Want to Go to Justin’s House Anymore, and Not in Room 204. This is an educational program to help children become better informed on child abuse issues.

Duration: 45 minutes

“The SCAN program offers valuable lessons that captivate young audiences. The program teaches students directly about child abuse prevention and is a vital program. Without the program
the children would miss out critically important information.”
“Little children might go for years being abused and not know that it is not ok and that they have lots of people they can tell. Also, when a new face (guest) comes in to read and understand it is important and listen more.”
“The lesson and book along with discussion is valuable because it is presented in a way that makes my students feel comfortable to discuss uncomfortable issues in a relaxed setting.”